Nutrition with Sophie de Laguiche

With this workshop, I suggest that you acquire good eating habits and healthy lifestyles to regain your vital energy. You will then know how to eat healthily, mindfully and above all with pleasure!
On request
On request


After studying at the University of Fribourg and Cambridge, I worked for several years in communication for Credit Suisse, Crossair then Swiss and at the Foyer-Handicap Foundation. Recently, I chose to become a nutritionist following an obvious fact that imposed itself on me: by observing people in the middle of their life and their way of living the metabolic change linked to their age or to a pathology, I realized that there are those who act and decide to take care of their health, and there are others…

So I decided to go back to studying at the Ecole de Santé de Suisse Romande (ESSR). This job allows me to reconcile three areas that fascinate me: nutrition, sport and fasting. When one is weakened by an illness, healthy eating is part of healing and well-being. I look forward to being able to accompany you on this path!