Coaching with Sakina Aubert Preiswerk

This course offers individual personalized coaching sessions with a holistic approach, targeting the body, emotions and mind to make the changes a reality.
On request
On request
The sessions take place in the therapist’s office


“Professional ICF PCC Coach with more than 5 years of experience, I specialize in somatic coaching. I also teach yoga and meditation. After studying management at the University of St. Gallen, I studied social anthropology at the London School of Economics and worked for over 15 years in management positions in Switzerland, Europe and the USA. All these experiences have led me to specialize in supporting people and teams in particular in issues of change. When illness strikes, it is a huge change in your life and a time of intense questioning. As a coach, I support you and provide you with a space to manage stress and emotions, discuss, discover you or simply live this period as well as possible.

My approach is holistic, targeting body, heart, mind and spirit; it is aligned with the philosophy of HealingJoy… “