“I really appreciated these convivial moments, of sharing and exchanges during the workshops. A great meeting also with Barbara who teaches the crochet technique wonderfully, with patience and pedagogy…and then it’s so nice to to make an object entirely made with his hands. It did me a lot of good to be able to escape and think of nothing…the crochet is very meditative, I recommend! and thank you to Healing Joy!” Emilie D. (January 2023)

“Thank you so much Healing Joy, 💐🍃 For these magnificent activities that give us the desire to live in joy with love. ♥️ 🌷And Thanks to Our teacher: a dream for reality 🍀😘💕 “by Arelis T. (January 2023)

“A huge thank you for allowing Théotime to follow these different courses, which do him incredible good. He is really metamorphosed, and I am so happy for him.” Mother of Théotime B. (January 2023).

Testimony of Catherine during the private concert with violinist Renaud Capuçon and pianist Guillaume Bellom:

témoignage de Catherine au concert privé avec Renaud Capuçon 28 Novembre 2022

“Since my arrival at the Association every Wednesday opens a window of joy. I leave the medical torments in the locker room and I rediscover the pleasure of dancing” (September 2022) Catherine P.

“Thank you Healing Joy for these dance lessons which I appreciate very much!! I like the way Milla guides us with respect and kindness in feminine and joyful movements. For me, it is a pleasant weekly parenthesis source of cheerfulness and confidence in my body.” (October 2022) Touraine C.

Testimonials from Doctors:

“I am deeply convinced of the importance of this Association, which can help sick people rediscover the joy of living and get back on the move! I look forward to talking to my patients about it.” Professor Alfredo Adeo, Head of the Oncology Department of the University Hospitals of Geneva.

“I am indeed convinced of the benefits of artistic and/or sports activities in the event of serious or disabling illnesses. I personally always encourage my young patients to remain as much as possible connected to the “living” world by not giving up their activities. creative or sporting activities. Several scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of this type of activity.” Professor Marc Ansari, head of the pediatric oncology unit of the University Hospitals of Geneva.

“In neurological diseases, and in particular neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease (when it is not yet at an advanced stage), sports and artistic activities, especially when “they take place in a stimulating and welcoming social environment constitute an authentic treatment of these diseases, making it possible to slow down their progression. The Healing Joy Association, thanks to the activities it offers, is therefore clearly doing useful work.” Professor Renaud Du Pasquier, head of the neurology department at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois.

Testimony of Delphine Lubomirski-Eggly:

Scientific conference organized by Professor Addeo: Thursday November 10, 2022 at the University Hospital of Geneva.

The HUG Cancer Center offers the best diagnostic and therapeutic strategy and coordinates the care of people affected by lung cancer. Its multidisciplinary approach is a resource for professionals in the care network. The center can be called upon at any time to collectively examine a particular situation. The patient thus benefits from the expertise of the thoracic surgery, nuclear medicine, oncology, pathology, pulmonology, radiology and radiation oncology departments.


(Delphine Lubomirski- Eggly,  video youtube at 1h56)