Sophrology with Sophie Claverie de Folmont

This workshop allows you to discover and practice Sophrology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. A moment to take care of yourself no matter your age. This workshop can take place in an individual manner depending on your desire.
Price on demand


Because of my jurist background, both in Europe and South America, I was able to understand the deleterious effects of chronicle stress on physical, mental but also emotional health. It motivated me to redefine my career’s objectives and to focus on preventing hyper-stress, anxiety and sleep disorders at all levels (body, heart and mind). Since then, I have been helping people to get balance right four majors Pilars : Stress-Emotions-Sleep-Concentration. It is a way to first, regenerate ressources, abilities and talents that are often hidden in each and everyone but also to gather the means to achieve a harmonious wellbeing.
I provide simple tools that are easily reproducible by yourself. They will allow you to learn how to « be sound of mind and body », to anchor the positive in yourself.

I am looking forward meeting you !