Painting and Drawing with Marie-Caroline

Drawing and Oil painting workshop allowing you to give free rein to your imagination and creativity!
20 CHF for 2 hours
9:30 - 11:30


After a 30 year career in advertising as a co-creative director in an agency in Paris, I am delighted to be able to devote my time to painting. I studied drawing and advertising design at the Charpentier Academy and continued my training in painting and drawing at the Beaux Arts in Paris for 10 years.

I am a British citizen and therefore bilingual.

The painting and drawing course is aimed at all levels. For beginners we will start with gouache studies.We will discuss perspective, volumes, color mixing, and study the relationship between shadow and light.Getting to have an overview and colors that match is already a good step!For those who already have a mastery of painting we will refine more personal projects. Painting or drawing is a time when you “clear your head” while remaining focused. We seek to express the beauty of the world from everyone’s point of view. Individuals speak out for who they are, and sometimes things come out that we cannot put into words.The painting and drawing  class is a place of personal creativity, where we have the satisfaction of having created something intimate.I would like this to be a course where you learn / relearn to see beauty everywhere.

I am very happy to serve Healing Joy and to be able to pass on this passion to those who would like to express their creativity through painting.