Oral expression

Participants receive an introduction to the theory of how to improve their speaking skills, how to improve their elocution and how to de-dramatise the act of speaking, whether it is for a simple meeting or for a presentation. Participants should come in casual clothes, with clean feet and socks (breathing exercises are done barefoot), and a bottle of water to rehydrate. A small gym mat is welcome.


Renaud Smith is an adopted Genevan and a student of the international school, of Parent Franco-Americans, he was born in Venezuela and raised in neighboring France.

His studies brought him to the stage with studies of theatrical interpretation and to the benches of the Faculty of Political Sciences. He completed a Community Health Certificate, and worked for ten years on a melanoma prevention project in collaboration with the DSP and the DIP. Always active in the field of events, he animates many children activities, and sometimes acts as Master of Ceremonies for companies throughout Romandie.