Nordic Walking with Julie Gateff

Nordic walking is a practice of walking with sticks. It combines a work of endurance accessible to all and muscular strengthening of the whole body. The Nordic Walk will start from the Arkade, chemin de la Florence 8, 1208 Geneva.
11h30 to 12h30


A physiotherapist since 2004, Julie accompanies patients with chronic conditions throughout their journey. Her training in stress rehabilitation allows her, through Nordic walking and adapted physical activity, to offer a gentle and progressive fitness.

Nordic walking tones up the muscles of the body and strengthens the muscular and joints chains. 80% of the muscular chains are involved and the support of the poles allows the bones of the upper limbs to be denser than those of the lower limbs, contrary to traditional walking. It favours the muscle development of the upper parts of the body. The effort with two poles is equivalent in intensity to the cardio-vascular activation of a jog at a moderate pace. Scandinavian walking allows the practitioner to breathe better by using a greater pulmonary amplitude and a stronger oxygenation of up to 60% more compared to a traditional practice of walking.