The association

We are honoured to be supported by top artists, scientists and many other great souls.

Healing Joy is a non-profit organization, registered for public purposes in Switzerland, that offers people with serious illnesses (cancer, neurological diseases and others) the opportunity to participate in creative, artistic, sports and therapeutic activities, thus facilitating a return to the joy of living.

Executive Committee

Sarah Bonzon, president

Dr Clémentine Micheli, vice-president

Me Pierre-Damien Eggly, secretary

Gwenola Trutat, treasurer

Natalie Keller

Me Philippe Müller

Director and founder

Delphine Lubomirski-Eggly

Advisory committee

Pr Alfredo Addeo, head at the Oncology Department of the University Hospital of Geneva. He is specialized in the oncological management of thoracic tumors and is the oncological referent for the lung cancer tumor board.

Pr Marc Ansari, head of the pediatric oncology and hematology unit at the University Hospitals of Geneva. He is the founder of the CANSEARCH foundation.

Pr Frédéric Assal, clinical neurologist and researcher, is in charge of the Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology Unit at the University Hospital of Geneva. His research interests include memory, spatial cognition and behavioral disorders in neurodegenerative diseases.

Pr Thierry Chevalley, geriatrician in charge of the geriatric liaison unit Cluse – Roseraie and consultant physician of the bone disease service at the University Hospitals of Geneva. His research interests include global geriatric assessment, fracture epidemiology, secondary prevention of osteoporosis and the influence of genetic and environmental factors on bone microstructure.

Dr Alexandre Morais Cravador, FMH Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist since 2010, Former Head of Clinic at HUG, currently in private practice. Trained in Classical Psychodrama (According to J.L. Moreno), Transgenerational Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. Individual and group approaches.

Pr Renaud Du Pasquier, neurologist, head of the Neurology department of the Vaudois University Hospital Center. Professor Du Pasquier specializes in neuroimmunology and multiple sclerosis and since his arrival at the CHUV in 2004 has directed a research laboratory in these fields.

Dr Thierry Favrod-Coune, Deputy Physician, Acting Manager, Addictions Unit, Primary Care Department, Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

Dr. Alex Friedlaender, oncologist specializing in lung and urological cancers. He practices at the Clinique Générale Beaulieu where he is responsible for the thoracic tumor board and co-responsible for the urological tumor board. He is also a physician associated with the Geneva University Hospital (HUG).

Dr Arachk de Gorski, urologist in private practice and also associate physician at the Geneva University Hospital (HUG).

Dr Ahmad Haydar, obstetrician-gynecologist at the Clinique Générale Beaulieu. He is a specialist in high-risk pregnancies and childbirth.

Pr Christoph Huber, MD, FMH, FECTS, is head division of cardiac and vascular surgery at the University Hospital Geneva, HUG, Switzerland. His pioneering work, his expertise of research in the field of transcatheter valves and more specifically the development of the Trans Apical TAVI procedure have been recognised internationally as reflected by numerous publications and awards. Last year he was awarded best cardiac surgery teacher of Switzerland by the SIWF.

Dr Jean-François Huber, obstétricien-gynecologist in Geneva.

Dr Thibaud Kössler, is assistant physician in the HUG Oncology Department and head of the Digestive Tumors Unit.

Pr Pierre Magistretti, internationally renowned scientist and former Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) in Thuwal-Jeddah. He is an honorary professor at the Brain Mind Institute of EPFL and at the Departments of Psychiatry of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne.

Dr. Béatrice de Moustier, endocrinologist in private practice who has been involved in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes; now retired. Her clinical research has focused in particular on Immunology and Onco-hematology.

Pr Stéphane Noble, cardiologist in charge of the structural cardiology unit at the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève. His areas of expertise are structural and interventional cardiology. He is also a member of the Pulmonary Hypertension programme at the HUG where he is responsible for invasive evaluations.

Dr Nicolas Péguret, radio-oncologist, Clinique des Grangettes. As a nuclear thermal engineer and then a physician, he combines his technical and human skills for the benefit of his patients. His clinical research was focused on Thoracic Oncology, before devoting himself to breast and prostate cancers.

Dr Conny Vrieling, radio-oncologist, Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes. After initially training in the Netherlands, Dr Vrieling pursued her research in the field of breast cancer. She now specialises in radio-therapy for breast and prostate cancers.


Honorary committee

Mr Renaud Capuçon, violinist, lecturer at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, director of the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence and the Sommets musicaux de Gstaad.

Ms Juliane Cosandier, honorary director of the Hermitage Foundation in Lausanne.

Ms Tatyana Frank, President Fr French Institute Alliance Française/ FIAF in New York.

Ms Brigitte Lescure, art patron.

Prince Alexi Lubomirski, photographer based in New York.

Ms Vera Michalski-Hoffman, President of several publishing houses in Switzerland, France and Poland and of the Jan Michalski Foundation for Writing and Literature.

Ms Delphine Munro, head of Arts & Culture, European Investment Bank Institut, Luxembourg.

Mr Bertrand Piccard, psychiatrist, explorer, author and founder of Solar Impulse.

Action Committee

Constance Gogny-Goubert

Constance Mandosse

Béatrice de Moustier

Isabelle Naville

Aude Oltramare

Astrid Redier

Gwenola Trutat

Marie-Caroline Vachette-Jonhson


Support committee

Sakina Aubert Preiswerck

Pascaline Buisson

Anne du Chastel

Caroline Chevalley

Isabelle Celardin

Fabrice Eggly

Marie de Falletans

Catherine Fauchier-Magnan

Isabelle Foriel-Destezet

Sophie de Laguiche

Sylvia de Meyer

Catherine de Noyelle

Manfredo Radicati di Primeglio

Alexis Rodet

Maddalena Rudloff

Tatiana Russo

Diane Toussaint

Carole Turincev