Fencing with Eric Desperier

This elegant, playful and dressy combat sport improves posture, shoulder mobility and openness. The weapon of this class is the sword, chosen for its lightness and its ease of practice, according to a precise program in particular during pathology of breast cancer. In small groups, this class provides you with all the necessary equipment and is suitable for all ages and all levels.
20 CHF


Eric DESPERIER spent 2 years at the Ecole Nationale des Maîtres d’Armes (ENMA) in Dinard (Bretagne) to obtain a State Certificate of Sport Educator of the 2nd degree in Fencing, he then obtains the diploma of the French School of Press Attachés of Lyon (EFAP), but specializes in sports. He developed clubs in the Lyon region, then founded the Fencing Circle of the Pays de Gex which will become today the Fencing Club of the Pays de Gex.
In order to improve his training, he learns to take charge of patients of health sport, in the context of “Fencing and breast cancer”, with a future development for audiences with other pathologies (such as diabetes), in the context of “Fencing on prescription”.
The fencing course will take place with a sword. The fencing class will take place with a sword. Fencing is a playful sport and a fighting sport that keeps the desire to fight and win!