Feel alive despite illness with Healing Joy

The Leman Bleu : reportage par Céline Argento


“I was sick but above all alive!”. This sentence is that of Delphine Lubomirski Eggly.

Suffering from lung cancer for three years, she decided to start an association. “Healing Joy” allows people with serious illnesses to benefit from artistic and sports lessons at low prices.

Wednesday afternoon is singing lessons in this room in the Conches district. Delphine Lubomirski Eggly participates, as usual, with enthusiasm. This course, it was she who set it up by creating the Healing Joy association. In 2019, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She then refuses to be defeated. The trigger takes place during a singing lesson with her teacher: “She didn’t ask me how I was doing, and I thought that was great! Because before I got sick, I was alive!”

The association allows people with serious illnesses to take dance, theater or singing lessons in particular. Catherine is the very first to knock on the association’s door: “With all these medical appointments, the pain… when I come here, I forget”.

Healed under conditions

Because when the disease invites itself, life changes. Delphine, mother of three children, had the painful experience of this: “I was starting to cough a lot, but I was a thousand miles from imagining what was going to be announced.” Lung cancer, she who never smoked. Treated by an oncologist, she will take a second opinion at the HUG with Professor Alfredo Addeo. After several treatments, she is better: “I would say that I am cured under conditions”. The head of the oncology department has joined the Healing Joy association. He brings the same message to all of his patients: “You have to be able to see cancer as another disease, diabetes for example.” Classes at Healing Joy started a few months ago. Delphine Lubomirski Eggly wants to develop more. To forget the time of a few hours, the weight of the disease.

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