Equitherapy with Jean-Jacques et Isabelle Joris

This class offers therapeutic accompaniment in nature, with or without horses. Our interactions with the horse are revealing of our way of approaching the world and our communication style. The teacher invites you to explore your internal and external resources in order to strengthen your self-confidence and this in absolute safety. No previous equestrian experience is required.
150 CHF individually or for a family group
Depending on availability
Depending on availability


Successively diplomat, then psychotherapist, teacher (in the United States) and certified coach, Jean-Jacques works with people who seek to create meaning in their lives, to overcome and integrate their traumas and develop their resources to live with more freedom, breath and space. His experience has shown him that mindfulness, emotional and tactile contact with the horse is a source of liberation, and an opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs and finally reach our full potential. He also offers hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and therapeutic meditation sessions in the office or in nature, in Geneva and in the Nyon area.

Isabelle is at first physiotherapist and specialized in the rehabilitation of victims of torture in Switzerland, then psychotherapist in the United States working mainly with survivors of serious trauma and abuse. She offers therapeutic support in nature, with or without horses. Without passing judgment, the horse invites all of us – mind, heart and body – to be authentically present here and now. She includes several techniques, such as Somatic Experiencing, Hypnosis and Coaching to work with those who seek to align their intentions with their actions, in order to live in accordance with their values, making full use of their creativity. 

Both back in Switzerland very recently, their web portal is under construction. You can however consult their previous site, under www.twinoaksfarm.com