Crochet with Barbara Blackburne-Jonckers

Discover the main crochet stitches and basic techniques to easily make the item of your dreams.
33 CHF for 2 hours
from 15h30 to 17h30


“Born in Antwerp, Belgium, married and mother of 2 children, I was for 20 years a private banker in Luxembourg. Then when I moved with my family to the region, I decided to return to my first love in Veigy’s boutique, through catering, but combining it with my passion for crochet which has often served me as an anti-stress agent in professional life.

As I always say, if you know how to count, you can crochet! Passionate about crochet, I guide you through themed workshops: discovering crochet, making mesh bags, kitchen sponges, hats or scarves to start gently … “

Whether you are an amateur or experienced knitter or crochet, you will find what you are looking for with Barbara.