Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2023 : a team like no other

“When you suffer from a severe illness, you tend to lock yourself up or allow yourself to be locked up in a suffering status, and you sometimes forget the living part of yourself, explains Delphine Lubomirski-Eggly. The goal of Healing Joy is to help heal oneself also through moments of joy, outside of care, outside of the hospital setting, and to relearn how to live too.”

Art and sports

Singing, sport, sewing workshop, theatre, equitherapy, dance, nutrition… Healing Joy offers a whole range of moments of joy and well-being, supported as much by its members as by some twenty convinced doctors. and committed to the team. “Doctors follow us from the beginning and suggest their patients to come see us, it’s an essential supplement for the head and to hear about things other than the disease!” enthuses Delphine Lubomirski-Eggly. The idea came to her while she herself was battling lung cancer, during a singing lesson. “Everything revolved around my cancer, so I wanted to experience something different, and to make my family experience other moments. And today, I can count on a great and committed team!” Proof that life can go on, two patients are taking part in the Bol d’Or Mirabaud this weekend, on the boat of “Professor Noble, a wonderful cardiologist who has accompanied us from the start.”


Radio Lac: Interview of Delphine Lubomirski -Eggly (8th of June 2023)

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